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"My reflections on Camp Albemarle bring me such a sense of pride and warmth. There were friendships, and leadership opportunities that contributed to the person I am today.  Making a totem pole for my tribe, chants that we sang to enter the dining hall, the competitions between the tribes, singing around the campfire...I always felt safe and important there. 

All-in-all,  using the 4-H motto to "Make The Best Better" has been instilled in me for a lifetime and will continue to grow within me and my family for the rest of our lives."

— Kathy Yowell-RohmAlbemarle County

"I have so many fond memories of camp. I had the pleasure of being at camp last August with my two daughters (Sara 13 and Caroline 9). The first place we went was the Moorman, to that very chilly river where we took swimming lessons, had relays and cooled off on hot summer days. I then gave them the full tour of the cabins, the bath houses (with what was the coldest shower on the planet), and the vespers area where I led services one year. Final stop was the dining hall that used to house the totem poles for each of the "tribes" at camp. I smiled for days afterwards."

— Cathy Taylor, Henrico County (formerly of Albemarle County)

"One of my fondest memories is Camp Albemarle's absolute beauty. I felt like I was hundreds of miles from civilization and we were just s few miles from Charlottesville Set on the banks of the Mormon River I will never forget swimming in the river and having a swim meet at the end of the week between the two tribes, the Pamunkeys and the Sacagewians.

Meal times were an absolute blast as we would all gather together in the main lodge to eat. I will never forget the chant; Tom, Tom strong and able get your elbows off the table and the chorus of Round the table you must go, as we circled the entire lodge. It had to have happened at least a half dozen times per meal.

We were split in the two aforementioned tribes for a week long competition. The culmination of the week's competition was the unveiling of each tribe's totem pole that we had worked on all week! Every night after dinner we had vespers on a beautiful amphitheatre shaped rock and our spiritual walk with the Lord was enhanced.

What an incredible treasure Camp Albemarle is in our community."

— Tom Mahone, Charlottesville

"Camp Albemarle is a true hidden treasure for children. We used the camp for our preschool's fall and spring camp outing, and the families bonded, while the children caught fish in the river and ran around the private grounds. The lodge is a great place to have a large meal or any "rain-free" gathering. We were just thrilled to have such a peaceful place so accessible."

— Jackie Emm, Albemarle County

"Camp Albemarle is a great place for us. It's been a wonderful place to hold Field Camp. Until we got our own property, we had about 225 kids there over the summer, and about 10% of our spaces are set aside for scholarships to get kids out there who wouldn't have the chance otherwise.

We like the fact that it has an old-time feel, and our camp takes advantage of that . We use the lodge for classes, play field games out front, create games in the pavilion, tell stories on our overnights in the cabins, explore the rocks behind the pavilion for critters, and spend hot summer days cooling off in the river. The swimming hole there by the camp is the best one for at least two miles either side of the camp, and we know because we've looked. It's close enough to town, but for all we know, we're out in the middle of nowhere. We let the kids wander the camp with few restrictions.

I grew up a long time ago in a neighborhood that was like that, and the unique setting of Camp Albemarle allows for kids at Field Camp to be pretty happy and carefree, playing games, seeking out adventure, making friends, and creating wonderful memories of their summers along the beautiful, underappreciated Moormans River."

— Todd Barnett, Director of Field Camp

"Our Cub Scout Pack has never had a strong outdoor program and our promotion ceremonies each year had always been held in the school cafeteria where we meet each month as a pack. The ceremonies, however, tended to be not very exciting. We decided we needed to make the occasion more memorable and chose Camp Albemarle as the place to do that. We organized our event as an all day Saturday field day followed dinner in the lodge and capped off with a big ceremony around the fire. All of our Cubs and Webelos had a fabulously good time and the dinner and campfire were very successful but the highlight of my entire day came after the ceremony was over. One Scout, who had no intention of continuing beyond this final year in Cub Scouts, was so impressed with the day that he changed his mind and decided to continue on with Scouting. I have no doubt that this event meant just as much to most of the other boys who attended. Camp Albemarle was the perfect venue to make such a great impression on the boys in our Cub Scout pack. I think Camp Albemarle has become a tradition for us already."

— Douglas Rosson, Albemarle County

"As Director of Sacred Plant Traditions, A Center for Herbal Studies, I can deeply attest to the importance Camp Albemarle has for this community. I host a variety of nationally known educators who teach about the medicinal and ecological importance of plants and their habitats. We have enjoyed the use of Camp Albemarle for many years now.

While my reasons for returning to the Camp are many, foremost is the serenity and feeling the land offers to visitors immediately upon driving up to the lodge. Situated so close to downtown, it is a precious resource indeed, when in fifteen minutes, community members can gain a sense of nature and repose. The very land itself, with river and woods is medicine itself.

Another factor is the accessibility in regards to fees charges. I am very familiar with other facilities in the area and the costs are quite high which means I need to translate that to students and those wishing to learn alternative ways of caring for the land. Camp Albemarle has enabled me to remain accessible to lower income families by their generous offering of facilities and grounds at such reasonable rates."

— Kathleen Maier, Director of Sacred Plant Traditions